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Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 features Android 4.2, TouchWiz and Nature UX interface

Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 features Android 4.2, TouchWiz and Nature UX interface


Samsung has successfully maintained its upper hand in the smartphones market by constantly churning out devices with varying specs and features. Latest addition among the mid-range devices from the company happens to be Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 whose design is quite similar to Samsung Galaxy S 4. As per the schedule, this device would go official during the 20th June London event of Samsung.

This smartphone would be released with the slogan “Enjoy the New Mobile Essentials,” and its specs make it a pretty attractive device among the mid-range Samsung devices.  We’ve heard some rumors before but now it is confirmed that Galaxy Ace 3 would come with 1 GHz dual core processor and 1 GB of RAM memory. It would have a limited internal storage capacity of just 4 GB. But good thing is that the device would have support for microSD card due to which users would be able to fulfill their memory requirements up to 64 GB.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 would be equipped with 4-inch TFT LCD display having WVGA resolution. The 5 megapixel backend camera of the phone would come with LED flash and would facilitate 720p HD video recording at 30 frames per second. In addition to that, there would also be a front-facing VGA camera onboard.

Galaxy Ace 3 has a pretty reasonable weight of 115 grams and a physical measurement of 121.2 x 62.7 x 9.8 mm. Samsung has decided to release two versions of the device: a 3G version and an LTE version. The LTE version would have a few improved specs. For instance, the LTE version would have increased internal storage capacity of 8 GB and its processor would also be over-clocked at 1.2 GHz, compared to 1 GHz of the 3G version. The 3G version would have 1,500mAh battery onboard while the LTE version would come with 1,800mAh to fulfill its power needs. Boast in specs would increase the weight of the LTE variant to 119.5 grams, which is not much though.

Another noteworthy enhancement in the LTE version is that, compared to 720p video recording of the 3G version, this one would be able to capture 1080p videos. So while there are certainly some clear differences in the two variants, a lot of these specs have so far not been confirmed by Samsung. There is also not any price information for the time being. Let’s wait for the 20th June event when there would be official information about the device.

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