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Archive for September 5th, 2011

GT I9220 could be the namecode for Galaxy Note?

  Samsung is serious in dominating the market of smartphones by constantly releasing phones with high tech features and impressive specifications. During the recent months, Samsung has released several new smartphones with impressive features to achieve this goal and it seems that in near future, Samsung’s Android based phone would give a real tough time to Apple’s iPhone. Now, according to the reliable reports, Samsung is planning to release another next-generation phone which would further improve the position of Samsung in the market. So far, we only know this phone by its code name which is GT-i9220 and its actual name has ...

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I9220 confirmed by DLNA

Samsung has been constantly releasing feature phones and smart phones and the number of these devices seems to be countless. Recently, Samsung unveiled several of the mobile phone devices which seemed pretty impressive from the technical specifications. These were nine devices in total: I9250, I9220, I9210, I8150, B5510, S5360, S5610, P6200, P6210 and S5380. According to the initial resources, these nine devices include the 7 new Android devices, two 7" Honeycomb tablets. Additionally, there are also two phones with Bada OS rumored. However, one of these devices stirred special attention. This was the I9220 which, from the specifications and features, ...

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