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Archive for September 15th, 2011

Samsung Focus S

The onslaught of smartphones with a wide variety of specifications and reasonable prices from Samsung continues. Recently, Samsung has announced and released several smartphones as well as a couple of tablet devices. One of these recently announced Samsung products happens to be Samsung Focus S. The announcement about this phone was done officially on September 12, however the release date of the device is not known yet. Samsung Focus S is also known as Samsung I937, which can be considered its code name. To start with the technical specifications, this phone has a clear difference form most other Samsung phones that ...

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Galaxy R vs Galaxy S2

The Galaxy R measures up to standards set by the Galaxy S2. It is considered as a slight downgrade of the Galaxy S2 though it boasts of an equally powerful processor. The Galaxy R’s camera is 5 megapixels, lower than that of Galaxy S2. The Galaxy R is expected to inspire a variety of versions both in the US and Europe. The Galaxy R comes with a different processor- Duo Core Tegra and a 4.2” display. The Galaxy R is designed differently from Galaxy S2. However, the new device is not as thin as the lightest and thinnest smart phones in ...

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First Android Ice Cream Sandwich expected in October

After the immense success of the Honeycomb version of Android in tablets, Google now plans to release the next version of Android later this year, possible in October. The name of this version is Ice Cream Sandwich. Apparently this release is in response to the release of iPhone 4 which has considerably increased the worth and popularity of Apple’s smartphone. To retain the increasing popularity of Android, Google intends to release an updated and improved version of its operating system for mobile phones, and the possible release of Ice Cream Sandwich is one such effort. Several new and interesting features ...

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