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Archive for October 6th, 2011

Samsung new phones leaked by Microsoft Canada

    Rumors about the release of new handsets from both Samsung and Nokia were circulating for quite a while. Finally, it seems that those rumors were quite right and both tech giants are about to release a few new handsets with high end technical specifications. This came to be known after Microsoft Canada accidentally revealed the names of these new handsets. This happened when the names of four new devices were posted on the website of Microsoft enlisting them as four veiled handsets in Windows Phone 7.7 app development contest. The names of these four handsets are Nokia Searay, Nokia Sabre, ...

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Samsung Galaxy Note review

Samsung tablets have virtually dominated the market of tablet devices. Even though iPad2 is the most famous tablet at present, the likeness and trend for tablet devices might alter in the near future and the toughest competitor for Apple would certainly be Samsung along with its Android edge over iOS. Recently, Samsung has recently announced Samsung Galaxy Note which coupled the features of a tablet device with those of the smartphones. This is certainly quite an innovation and a creative endeavor. With this device, users won’t need to carry a separate tablet, smartphone and notepad. Everything is incorporated into a single ...

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Samsung Monument leaked by a game developer

OcasionalGamer has provided us with another list containing Windows phones that accessed games developed by him. Samsung Monument and Nokia Lumia 800 could be 2 new smartphones using Windows OS. We don't have any info about Samsung Monument or Nokia phone, but we think that Samsung Monument could be probably Mango OS variant for Galaxy S2 or some code name for Focus S, next Samsung high-end smartphone using Mango OS. Unlock Samsung Monument Stay tuned for further news about Samsung new phones and be the first to unlock Samsung Monument or any new Samsung device.

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Samsung and Intel are thinking to a Linux based OS

Ever Since Google acquired Motorola, Samsung has been looking for alternative ways to make sure that Google won’t have a large impact on its products. The latest initiative in this regard happens to be the collaboration between Samsung and Intel toward the production of a new OS with the name of Tizen, which would be a Linux based software platform. According to the inside resources, Tizen would incorporate the important features of previously abandoned operating systems such as MeeGo and LiMo which happened to be Linux based. Apparently this initiative is aimed at competing the existing tech giants such as Apple, ...

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