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Archive for October 30th, 2011

Samsung Focus S and Focus Flash released on AT&T next Sunday

AT&T announced Samsung Focus S and Samsung Focus Flash becoming available beginning November 6 on its Facebook page.   Samsung Focus S is the better model from the two being sold with $199 as you can see above. The main differences between the two devices lie in the screen size and the physical structure and other than that, technical specifications are not much different. The camera of Focus S feature 8 MP while Focus Flash capture photos with only 5MP. Both Focus S and Focus Flash would be running on 1.4 processor while the operating system would be Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5 Mango. If you ...

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Unlock Samsung Galaxy Nexus in UK starting October 17th

Samsung Galaxy Nexus was previously planned to be released during the second week of October but the release was postponed due to unknown reasons. Now according to the leaked news by Amazon, which was later confirmed by Samsung itself, Galaxy Nexus would be available for sale in UK from November 17th onwards. This is certainly good news for Nexus fans and those waiting to use the next version of Android, since Galaxy Nexus will use the latest version of Android (Ice Cream Sandwich). Other updated features would be an additional delight. For those who were waiting for this device, they can ...

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus meets UK soon

After a twisting delay and high anticipation in announcing Galaxy Nexus, Samsung and Google are finally planning to release Galaxy Nexus within the next few weeks. Previously, the release of this high end device was delayed due to the death of Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple. The most noteworthy aspect of this phone is that it would be running the next version of Android named Ice Cream Sandwich. Some of the expected technical specifications of Galaxy Nexus include an HD display, 4.6 inch screen and a 1.5 GHz processor. The previous version of this phone, Nexus S, showcased Android ...

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