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Archive for November 1st, 2011

Focus S and Focus Flash will be released this month with Mango OS

Finally it seems that Microsoft has been able to do something quite remarkable in the domain of mobile devices. Yes, we’re talking about the release of the latest version of their mobile OS with the name of Windows Phone ‘Mango’ OS. Mango OS has instantly became a favorite among the technical as well as common users and although it might not be able to compete the popularity of iOS and Android for the time being, it is certainly here to stay. From this OS, it finally seems that Micrsoft has come out of the stage of experimenting with operating system ...

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Samsung SCH-I929 and SCH-W999 announced in China

The onslaught of smartphones from Samsung continues and after the immense success of the Galaxy series Samsung’s two new smartphones, SCH-I929 and SCH-W999 have been certified in China. SCH-I929 is a Chine branded device which happens to be 9.7 mm in thickness. It would contain a 1.5 GHz Snapdragon processor and a 4.5 inch AMOLED display. Other important specifications include an 8 mega pixel camera and GSM plus CDMA2000 connectivity. So the device is basically quite similar to Galaxy S II from Samsung with modifications in the physical structure. The second device to achieve the certification is SCH-W999 which happens ...

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Galaxy Nexus will feature fortified glass

The main object of rumors and news these days in the smartphones market happens to be Galaxy Nexus, the first Android phone running the latest version of Android named Ice Cream Sandwich. The recent piece of information surrounds around the display of this device which was expected to be composed of Gorilla Glass. Several smartphones from Samsung that have been released in the recent months consisted of Gorilla Glass display so the expectation was quite natural. But an official announcement from Samsung recently shattered these speculations and it has been confirmed that this device would contain a simple fortified glass ...

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Unlock Captivate Glide from AT&T as soon as appears

During the time when the news of the release of Samsung Galaxy S II was the most important news in the market of smartphones, a few snapshots of a phone were revealed. Initially, most of the people thought that this device might be the Galaxy S II. But a grand difference from the Galaxy series was that this device contained a physical keyboard so soon it was dismissed as Galaxy S II and eventually most of the people forgot about the device. The device, however, remained unlaunched. Recently, once again, some snapshots of the device have been shown and the ...

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New Samsung London Olympic 2012 phone

When we consider purely from the technical perspective, most of the Samsung devices are able to compete iPhone. Samsung certainly knows how to advertise its phone and it has been doing it very successfully. According to the latest news, Samsung has once again decided to undertake a similar move. The information is that Samsung would be delivering a unique device during the London Olympic event in 2012. This phone has been called ‘iconic’ but that is certainly not the name of the device. For the time being, almost nothing is known about the name or technical specifications of the phone. Although ...

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