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Archive for November 29th, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Sleek name registered by Samsung

                    Samsung has registered the name Samsung Galaxy Sleek announcing a new smartphone/tablet PC/mobile phone. We don't have too many technical specification of Galaxy Sleek but judging after the name it will be a very thin device, most probably thinner than Galaxy S2. It also could be the name of Galaxy S3 or a new brand of Samsung.   Unlock Samsung Galaxy Sleek It's too early to say what carrier will sell this phone but irrespective the country/operator we will unlock Galaxy Sleek immediately after release date.

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Unlock Wave 3 and use it in any network

Samsung doesn't quit on its Bada OS and it seems that some impressive improvements are on their way. The latest set running Bada OS happens to be the slim and smart Wave 3. The device has some pretty decent high end specs and it seems that Bada OS can become a good alternative of Android phones in near future. This phone would contain a 4-inch WVGA super AMOLED screen and would be running on a 1.4 GHz processor. We also have a 5 mega pixel rare end camera on board with the facilities of LED flash and video recording. Besides, there ...

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Galaxy S2 LTE to be seen in Japan

Finally the LTE technology has also arrived in Japan after being highly successful in the US. The first LTE phone that has hit the Japanese market happens to be Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE. The phone is available under contract with the famous Japanese carrier DoCoMo and would be utilizing its Xi network. Average download speed that is expected on this device is 37.5Mbps. The technical specifications of Galaxy S II LTE are quite impressive. The device would be running on a powerful 1.5 GHz processor and would come with a 4.5 inch screen with 480×800 resolution. Super AMOLED Plus display along ...

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Galaxy Nexus or Nexus Prime?

The latest and the major smartphone released with the collaboration of Google and Samsung is available for pre-orders but there seems to be confusion regarding the name of the device. Although officially the device is named Galaxy Nexus, online retailers such as Best Buy have named it as Nexus Prime in the online ads. The device named Nexus Prime LTE 4G, which is actually Galaxy Nexus, would be available for $299.99.The distinguishing feature of this phone, which apparently is being dubbed as Nexus Prime, is that it would be the very first device utilizing the latest version of Android named ...

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