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Archive for December 6th, 2011

Samsung could develop first smartphone with Intel CPU

Rumor has it that Samsung is intending to develop the first Intel powered smartphone that would be using Android 4.0 OS and would most probably be introduced during next year's CES. According to reliable resources, Intel has been working on Medfield processors, which would specifically be optimized for mobile devices and would run operating systems like Ice Cream Sandwich perfectly. Also it has come to be known that special Clover Trail chipsets for tablets are also being developed. Intel also plans to reduce the size from 32 nm to 14 nm in a couple of years. Intel is without a doubt ...

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Galaxy Note Review

Samsung has recently released Galaxy Note which is quite a remarkable device in that it would be blending the important features of a tablet and a smart phone in one device. This device comes with a massive 5.3 inch screen which cannot be found on any other smart phone. You can call it a mini tablet or a large smartphone since it fulfills both purposes. The design of this device is very similar to the recent smart phone from Samsung, Galaxy S II and the featherweight plastic back is also same on both devices. This part fits very well with ...

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