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Archive for January 24th, 2012

Galaxy S2 HD could be released in UK next month

It appears that the famed new generation version of Galaxy S2, which would be having an HD display and an improved battery life, would soon be gracing the UK market. Important technical specs of Galaxy S2 HD include an improved resolution of the screen, powerful battery and a larger display. The phone would also have complete support for LTE and NFC. We would also see an 8 mega pixel camera on board on the rare side. Remaining technical specifications of Galaxy S2 HD are pretty much similar to the original version of the phone. Galaxy S2 is the most popular ...

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Bada OS and Tizen OS joint venture

Samsung has announced to merge its own Bada OS with Tizen OS, a new operating system that Samsung has been developing in collaboration with Intel. This piece of information was revealed by Senior Vice President of Samsung’s Contents Planning team in an interview during the Consumer Electronics Show. It is not known when the project would be completed but what Samsung made clear is that it has already been started. The finished OS would also have support and compatibility for Bada apps that were written for the previous operating systems. So in a sense, developing apps for Tizen would be ...

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Samsung promises batteries to last one day

One of the most common complaints that the users of smartphones have is about the battery life of these devices. Almost none of the smrtphones at present last a complete day under heavy use. Users who have this kind of complaint can now find some relief in the latest announcement by Samsung. According to this announcement, Samsung is planning to release smartphones in 2012 which would have a battery life of one complete day under moderate and sometimes even heavy use. This information was given by the vice president of product innovation at Samsung, Kevin Packingham. In past, battery life ...

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Samsung Joy and Samsung Fresh – What can they be?

Samsung is probably producing smart phones at a rate that exceeds the rate of any other tech giant. We have Samsung smart phones running Android, Windows Phone and Bada OS belonging to several categories, with varying technical specifications and different price range. The Galaxy range of phones developed by Samsung can be considered the most popular Android based phones so far. So far, almost all of the high end smart phones from Samsung have carried the Galaxy moniker but recently, Samsung has filed trademarks for two new devices which do not carry this moniker. The two trademarks filed by Samsung ...

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Star 3 and Star 3 Duos – New Samsung phones

The manufacture and release of new smart phones from Samsung continues with the release of two new devices: Samsung Star 3 and Samsung Star 3 Duos. The technical specifications of both devices are quite same, although the later would come with dual SIM facility. Important specs of these devices include 3-inch QVGA TFT LCD touch screen, 3.2 mega pixel rare end camera and 1,000mAh Li-ion battery. The announcement of these devices was done by JK Shin, President of IT and Mobile Communications Division at Samsung. These devices are specifically designed to aim at social networking activities of the users and provide ...

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