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Archive for February 1st, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 in Barcelona?

Samsung still seems to be perplexed whether to launch the upcoming model of its Galaxy phone during the MWC or not. Previously, everyone seemed to be almost sure that Samsung would not announce the device during the event and would instead choose to delay the release for a couple of more months. It was considered a settled matter but now it appears that the chances of Galaxy S3 being released during this event are not really nil. Samsung has officially said that the company is "reviewing several options when to launch” this phone and there are chances that it might ...

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Galaxy S3 could be released in several weeks

So far, Samsung has released several variations of its most famous smartphone to the date, that is, Samsung Galaxy S2. Last September, Samsung had announced to release Galaxy S2 HDE LTE for the Korean market. Recently, Samsung has also released its Galaxy S2 Skyrocket for the US market. It is expected that similar variation of the device would soon be made available for the UK market. But what is expected even more is that Samsung Galaxy S3 would be hitting the shelves within a few months, most probably in April. Previously, there were rumors that Samsung might release this updated ...

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Unlock White Galaxy Note after its release in UK

Among the latest high tech devices from Samsung, Galaxy Note is a device that has captured the attention of the fans of both smartphones as well as tablets. And this is quite evident, since you can use it as a tablet or a smartphone, depending upon the need. After the success of the original Galaxy Note, Samsung has launched the white colored version of the device for the UK market. The original Galaxy Note, running Android Gingerbread, was launched in November last year and proved to be quite successful. The version that has now been released is vanilla ice cream ...

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Unlocking services for Samsung on hold for the moment

The unlocking services for Samsung devices seem to be on hold these days, particularly as the last 72 hours were quite hard on the users who wanted to have their Samsung phones unlocked. The entire fiasco started once with the Chinese New Year celebrations a few days ago. During the Chinese New Year, many unlocking service providers were on vacation, hence their services became unavailable on a wide scale. After the end of the New Year celebrations, due to unknown reasons, the unlocking services were still not resumed. Moreover, the situation was not confined to the Chinese market, so the ...

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