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Archive for February 29th, 2012

New rumors regarding Samsung Galaxy S 3 release date and technical specs

While Samsung has decided to delay the release of Galaxy S 3 phone, rumors have started surfacing about the technical specs of the device. Some information over the internet points to the resolution of the famed Galaxy S 3 which, however, is not very reliable. Nonetheless, we can take it as another unconfirmed rumor and wait for the confirmation. This information was leaked from USProf which has not proven to be a very reliable source in past, in relation to the information that it had revealed about the screen of Galaxy Nexus. Anyways, according to this leak, the screen resolution ...

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Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G will be released in March

While the exact information about the release of the most anticipated Samsung device, Galaxy S 3, remains unknown, several other Samsung phones keep showing up. One of these phones happens to be Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G that would probably be released in March. This is according to a recent confirmation that came from T-Mobile. This device would operate on T-Mobile HSPA +42 networks. This would be among the high end Android based devices from Samsung and would showcase some very fine hardware and software features. The phone would come stocked with various entertainment and navigation apps. Some of the ...

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