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Archive for April 19th, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Beam would soon be released in the UK market

This year has been pretty good for Samsung since the company has been releasing high end and mid range smart phones with impressive specs quite consistently. So far, Samsung has probably released more smartphones than any other tech giant and we are yet to expect some of the finest products such as Samsung Galaxy S3. The latest remarkable product happens to be Samsung Galaxy Beam which has taken smart phones to an entirely new level with its capacity to contain an entire projector within it. This would be the first ever Android device to have such a feature inbuilt into ...

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Samsung throws 3 new phones into phone arena announced recently that Samsung registered with USPTO  3 new phones.  Galaxy Perx, Galaxy Sire and Galaxy Lift, as silly as their name look, could rank Samsung first in the smartphone battle. We don't know their specs yet but it is expected that all of them to run on Android and they will be powered by CPU over 1GHz. We are looking forward to see new phones by Samsung.

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