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Archive for April 24th, 2012

Samsung has announced to release the next Galaxy phone during the Samsung Unpacked Event

Amazon just loves to remain ahead of its competitors in showcasing the latest products and this is exactly what has happened in case of famed Samsung Galaxy S3. The device has recently showed up on the German website of Amazon where the only notable things mentioned are Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and a larger Super AMOLED Display. Other than that, the technical specs remain to be unknown. Previously, leaks regarding this device were released in a Vietnamese video that was hastily removed over the internet. The price that has been listed for this device on Amazon website happens to ...

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Samsung might release Samsung Galaxy S3 on May 3

Samsung’s famed new device, Samsung Galaxy S3, is expected to be released during the Samsung Unpacked Event scheduled for May 3. Samsung has released a teaser about this device on a website that has been dedicated for this device. The name of the website is an anagram for the name “The Next Galaxy” which is what you have to write from the disarranged words to enter the website. The website would facilitate live streaming of the Samsung Unpacked Event during which this Galaxy device would be unveiled. Interestingly, Samsung has so far refrained from calling this phone Galaxy S3 and has ...

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