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Archive for May 7th, 2012

Samsung is planning to release a Windows 8 phone

The main focus of all attention in the smart phones market happens to be Samsung Galaxy S3 Although it is generally considered that Galaxy S3 would be the most important and closest rival of iPhone 5, recent news reveal that Samsung has another giant device to compete with the iPhone, other than Galaxy S3. The details about the technical specifications of this mysterious device have not been revealed but according to the sources, this would be a windows 8 based quad core phone. Other than being equipped with the quad core processor, this phone would also showcase higher resolution, although ...

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New feature from Samsung Galaxy S3 – S Voice

Finally Samsung has released its most anticipated and highly coveted device: Samsung Galaxy S3. There is no doubt that this would be the best high end device in the market after it is released, with the possible exception of iPhone 4S. In several aspects, Galaxy S3 has been influenced by iPhone 4S, most importantly in its feature of voice recognition. Samsung calls this new feature S Voice, while it is known as Siri in iPhone. So far the aspects of S Voice seem to be quite impressive. For example, it would allow you to play songs, adjust volume, send texts, ...

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