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Archive for May 10th, 2012

The deluxe version of Galaxy Player 3.6 would follow on May 13 with a price tag of $200

With the increasing importance of smart phones, the popularity of hand held media devices is constantly decreasing. However, still tech companies are constantly developing these devices since there is a demand for these devices to some extend. This is just like the case of tablets and eReaders. With the increasing importance of tablets, eReaders seem to have lost their charm but still, eReaders provide some clear benefits over tablets such as price and larger battery life due to which they are still in demand.   Samsung happens to be among those tech giants who are also involved in the production of handheld ...

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Samsung Galaxy S3 listed at Carphone Warehouse

Galaxy S3 is the talk of the mobile market right now and the most important phone that would be unveiled within the next few days. Other than the common fans and tech critics, online stores have also been gearing up to have their share. Samsung Unpacked Event is scheduled to be held on May 3 in London and Samsung has announced that it would launch the “next Galaxy” phone during this event. The name of the phone still remains to be unconfirmed, with some postulating that Samsung might simply call it the “new Galaxy” following the lead of Apple.   Retailers have ...

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Samsung has released the second version of Galaxy Tab

Lately a lot of developments have been taking place in the tablets market. Although no one has yet been able to bring an end to the dominance of Apple, whose iPad remains to be the most successful tablet of all time, tech giants such as Amazon and Samsung has given some tough time to Apple. Samsung released its Galaxy Tab last year which proved to be the most successful Android based tablet to the date. Now the company has released the second version of the device, Galaxy Tab 2 10.0. Technical specifications of the device have also been revealed and ...

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