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Archive for October, 2012

A new smart phone from Samsung – Galaxy Music

The most recent announcement from Samsung happens to be Galaxy Music smart phone which was announced by the company on October 9. As the name suggests, this device specifically aims at exceptional music experience with enhanced sound quality. This phone was included in the list of the smart phones that was released a few days ago by Samsung. The phones on the list were to have the Android Jelly Bean update soon. Previously it was thought that the device is a portable media player but sources soon found that it was instead a smart phone. According to the details, Galaxy Music ...

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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is also available under contract with O2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2, which has quite appropriately been called the most powerful smart phone, is now also available in Titanium Grey color scheme in addition to already existent Marble White color on O2. Besides, pre-orders for the device under contract with O2 are also open and a phone with no initial payment is available at £36 per month. This package, with its facility of unlimited minutes and unlimited SMS and 2GB of inclusive data is certainly quite impressive. The first generation version of Galaxy Note was quite successful in the market and certain improvements in the technical specs were made ...

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A technical flaw for Samsung phones can trigger a factory reset state

A new vulnerability in top notch Samsung phones has been found according to which a simple line of code embedded on a web page can trigger a factory reset on them. In other words, this simple line of code can lock the SIM card of the phone, bringing it back to factory reset state. This was found in a recent research and was demonstrated by Technical University of Berlin researcher Ravi Borgaonkar during the Ekoparty security conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina. During the demonstration, it was shown that a text message, NFC connection or QR code could cause an Android phone ...

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Samsung and T-Mobile launched Galaxy S Relay 4G

While many people think that the time of hardware QWERTY keyboards is pretty much over, these devices continue to make their way into the market and happen to be quite popular. Recently Samsung, in conjunction with T-Mobile, launched another smart phone equipped with QWERTY keyboard with the name of Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G which is available for $149.99 along with a 2-year contract. While this set cannot really compete with Samsung Galaxy S3, it comes with pretty decent features and is certainly a good low budget option. Important technical features of Galaxy S Relay 4G include 1.5 GHz dual core ...

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

After the immense success of Samsung Galaxy S3, rumor has it that the company is considering launching a mini version of the popular device with the name of Galaxy S3 Mini. Expectations are that Samsung would launch this device within a few months, although it seems that a somewhat similar device has already been launched in India. The phone has been launched in India with the name of Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562 Pure White with toned down hardware specs, and it seems pretty much like a smaller version of Galaxy S3. A distinguishing feature of this mini version is that ...

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Samsung needs a new trademark design for its Galaxy devices

The recent legal battle between Apple and Samsung has made one thing clear: Samsung needs some kind of a trade mark body for its Galaxy devices. The shapes of the Galaxy phones from first to third generation have been altered significantly and, as one tech source commented, smart phones are looking more like identical twins with nothing remarkable. So what Samsung needs is a new design philosophy that differentiates its handsets from Apple’s iPhone. Samsung should follow the line of a new trademark design upon the release of the next version of Galaxy phone, or third generation Galaxy Note, or the ...

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