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New phones by Telstra

New phones by Telstra

Samsung has taken a clear lead when it comes to Windows Phone 7 running phones with the release of its Omnia W phone in Australia which is the first phone of its type in Australia. The carrier that would provide this phone in Australia happens to be Telstra. With this release Omnia W has become the first second-generation Windows Phone 7 running handset in Australia. There has been no official comment from Samsung on this release but proper advertisement of this phone is being made on the official website of Telstra where plans worth $99 and above are also available for pre order.
Omnia W is basically an updated version of the previous Omnia 7 phone form Samsung with several improved technical specs. Important technical specs of Omnia W include 1.4 GHz processor, 8 GB internal storage, resolution of 480×800 and 4.7” Super AMOLED touch screen. Australian tech blog has also stated further important technical specs of this device according to which Omnia W would come with a 5 mega pixel camera and 512 MB of RAM memory. The Mango version of Windows Phone that this handset would be running is quite impressive and the critical reviews about this OS are highly positive and appreciative. This OS seems to be perfectly suitable for this phone and the device would certainly be a good choice among the high end windows based phones.
At present, this phone is available with a $99 plan on the website of  Telstra with no additional repayment charges. With the passage of time, however, it is expected that lower monthly plans would be made available along with a regular monthly fee for phone repayment. The expected price of Omnia W at present is around $530. The first generation phones running Windows Phone were released back in 2010 and now seemed to be a suitable time to release the upgraded versions of these devices running the latest operating systems and having impressive specs. Omnia W is a device that has all these ingredients. Among all the devices that have emerged in the market running various versions of Windows Phone, this one is clearly the best one and would remain so for at least a while. Besides, Samsung’s reputation of developing highly impressive high end devices would play an important role in the advertisement of Omnia W and it would give other similar devices tough competition in future.

Unlock Samsung Omnia W

After buying the phone from Telstra you can unlock Omnia W using our services for prices beginning from USD 19.75. Just buy an unlock code and your Omnia W will be free to be used in any GSM network.

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