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A major flow in Samsung Knox which aims at providing enterprise-class security on mobile devices

A major flow in Samsung Knox which aims at providing enterprise-class security on mobile devices


Various tech giants are scrambling to capture the market share that is left hanging after the BlackBerry fiasco. Obviously, Samsung is one of the biggest of these tech companies and also one of the most powerful. However, it seems that the company needs to work on the security vulnerabilities of its devices before aiming for new share. Recently, cyber-security researchers at Ben-Gurion University discovered a major flaw in Samsung Knox, the security technology that the company has been using for its mobile devices. This flaw can result in the hack of emails, files and even browser activity of the device.

Knox is the technology that covers some of the most important Samsung devices, including the Galaxy phones. This technology is part of Samsung for Enterprise (SAFE) which aims at providing enterprise-class security on mobile devices. Knox also separates personal from corporate data and is mainly provided for corporate services, data and apps. Corporate network communications are done through the container, thus preventing data from being assessed by unauthorized channels. Due to this reason, Knox is considered more effective than average security technologies. However, the latest discovery seems to point elsewhere.

The flaw discovered by the researchers has raised several questions about the power and reliability of this security feature. This further means that an unauthorized app can in fact access the data and apps on the mobile devices, thus compromising its security. One of the researchers, Dudu Mimran, said that “the weakness found may require Samsung to rethink a few aspects of their security architecture in future models.”

The researchers were also surprised to locate a flaw in Knox because their actual research was directed elsewhere. Knox, they said, is considered to be the state-of-the-art technology and it is hard to believe that it can have any serious flaw. The discovery, thus, came as a huge surprise.

The discovery has come at a very bad time for Samsung. US Defense Department is already reviewing several of Samsung mobile security feature, including Knox, to conclude whether or not the security is on par to keep the classified information safe. This does not seem a very good sign for Samsung. Let’s see how the company reacts to this new information. We certainly hope to see some swift improvements made in the technology to patch all the loopholes.


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