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A new Samsung device would be released on 31th of March

A new Samsung device would be released on 31th of March

The giant product that everyone is highly anticipating from Samsung is the next version of Galaxy S phone, Samsung Galaxy S3. Previously, Galaxy S2 turned out to be the most popular Samsung smart phone to the date so naturally, Galaxy S3 would probably follow the suit. But Samsung has done great in concealing the secrets about Galaxy S3 and so far nothing is known about the technical specifications as well as the release date of the device, even though there have been several successful predictions about the technical specs of the phone. As for the release date, previous rumors have suggested that Samsung would release the device during an event held on 22nd  of May in London.

But a latest banner from Phone 4U, the official sales partner of Samsung, has created a stir since this banner indicates that a new Samsung device would be released on 31th of March. Although no one is sure for the time being about the identification of this device, but we can guess that it might be Samsung Galaxy S3. Phone 4U was the store on which Galaxy Nexus was made available before any other store in the UK. The new device can also be some other smart phone or even a tablet but since the banner suggests that something big is coming, we can keep our fingers crossed for Samsung Galaxy S3. However, it would be more appropriate for Samsung to release this grand device during a separate event but of course, things change. If something really big is coming, then the biggest thing that everyone is expecting from Samsung is, of course, the next version of the Galaxy Phone. Galaxy S3 would be a quad-core device and although it won’t be the first quad-core phone in the market, we can certainly expect it to be the best selling quad-core device of the year, since iPhone 5 would most probably be released after a few months, maybe in fall. Expected technical specifications of the device include a 4.7 or 4.8 inch Super AMOLED Plus screen with HD resolution of 720p. Other than having a quad-core processor, it would also be equipped with 2 GB of RAM memory and 12 mega pixel rare end camera. The phone would also have support for LTE and NFC. However, so far there is no information regarding the price of Galaxy S3.

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