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Although not released yet, Galaxy Nexus makes pictures

Although not released yet, Galaxy Nexus makes pictures

Although Nexus Prime has not yet been released, the speculations about the features and specs of this highly anticipated device are quite high. Most recently, a few photos on Google+ account of two Google engineers named Roman Kirillov and Chris Yerga seem to be taken with the camera of Nexus Prime and this has stirred a lot of attention and interest.
The picture quality, however, is quite average since it has either been taken with a 3 mega pixels of camera or Google+, while adjusting the image, has lowered the resolution. The data of the pictures confirm the fact that was made with a Samsung Galaxy Nexus as in the picture in the left. For the time being, the comparision of these pictures with pictures taken with other smartphones seems impossible due to the resolution which is quite low. The phone itself was about to be released on 11th of Oct but unfortunately,the release date was postponed to an unknown date, to the disappointment of the users. According to a source from Verizon, the new release date of the phone could be 3rd of November but this again, is not officially confirmed either by Samsung or Google.
According to most of the people, the delay in the release of this amazing device was due to the passing away of Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, since Google and Samsung thought it was not an appropriate time to release a grand device. But according to some sources, this release was due to a delay in the build of the latest version of Android named Ice Cream Sandwich. Google has been planning to release this version along with Nexus Prime and and due to this planned simultaneous release, the release of the device was delayed. A few technical changes are also being made due to the patent war which was triggered between Apple and Samsung a few months ago and still continues. Although the complete technical specifications of the device remain to be unknown, a few that we know are quite imperssive. For example, it would contain the latest version of Android, 8 mega pixels of onboard camera and a 4.65″ Super AMOLED HD display. Other than that, it would most probably be running on a 1.5 GHz processor.
Whatever the actual release date of the device may be, it would certainly prove to be a massive success according to most of the technical critics. But what the device actually turns out to be can only be seen after it finally gets released.


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