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Carriers are thinking to offer 3 years contract for free smartphones

Carriers are thinking to offer 3 years contract for free smartphones

One of the most integral things attached with the purchase of a new smart phone is the contract or agreement that you need to acknowledge with the carrier. Although there are options of purchasing the device in unlocked form, it costs considerably more than the device purchased under contract. What this means is that the carriers make the rules of mobile usage and users simply have no option but to go by those rules. At present, the carriers that provide these devices usually offer two year contracts in different categories. However, it can also be possible if the carriers start offering three year contract and further lower the original prices of the smart phones. Although this move would not please everyone, there is a large number of people that would prefer this path and there are already some carriers who have been offering three year contracts. At present, if you purchase a new device in unlocked form, it costs you somewhere between $500 and $800. However, with a two year cotract with the carrier, the device would cost you merely between $100 and $300 which is quite reasonable. With a three year contract, we can expect prices even lower than this.

At present, carriers have been going pretty well with the present contract plans and it seems quit unlikely that they would bring any change in it. Besides, different carriers in different parts of the world have been selling the same device at different price. For example, Galaxy Nexus would most probably be sold by Verizon Wireless in the US at $299.99 while the price of same device in Canada happens to be $159.95 which is a huge difference. But the difference lies in the contract limit since the US carrier is offering a contract of two years while Canadian carriers have been offering a contract of three years. Besides, Canadian carriers have also been selling unlocked Galaxy Nexus at a price of $649.99. The difference in price can be bridged if Verizon also lowers the price along with a three year contract. At present, there is not any official intention announced by any US carrier to implement such a plan but it would certainly be interesting to see them offer a three year contract. Resulting low prices of the smartphones would also affect the monthly charges that people would have to pay to the carriers.
Galaxy Nexus unlock codes are slightly cheaper in US, $29 compared with $39 for Canada and also are available in an instant.

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