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CES 2013 – Samsung presents S9 UHD TV

CES 2013 – Samsung presents S9 UHD TV

S9-UHD-TVA couple of months ago, it was speculated that smartphones would be the major attraction of CES 2013. With relation to Samsung, it was widely speculated that its next model of Galaxy smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S4 would be announced during the event, even though it was considered unlikely by many, considering that Galaxy S III is still selling very successfully.

Eventually it became quite clear that the event would be purely focused upon the HDTVs this time, with other gadgets playing little active role. Several mainstream HDTV manufacturers showcased their latest products. Samsung also introduced its 4K television called S9 UHD TV which is a massive 85-inch device. The TV has a one-inch edge over its present competitors in the market. The TV showcases the latest and unique “Timeless Gallery” frame design which, according to Samsung displays a “juxtaposition of a minimalist concept with such a large display.”

There are several noteworthy features in S9 UHD TV which distinguish it from other HDTVs in the market. The television is equipped with “Precision Black Pro” display technology, making possible extremely high and efficient contrast ratio. Besides, 2.2 channel audio and integrated scaler would make possible viewing of 1080p videos at an enhanced resolution. Other usual features include all the 2013 smart TV features from Samsung such as quod-core processor and the availability of voice and gesture controls.

Samsung has so far not given any official word regarding the price or exact release date of the device, although no doubt many people out there have their eyes on this remarkable television. What’s more remarkable is that Samsung has also announced to launch two more televisions, with sizes of 95 inches and 110 inches, by the end of this year.

After proving itself among the market leaders in the domain of smartphones, Samsung sure is serious about maintaining its dominance in the domain of HDTVs. With the launch of two more televisions as announced by Samsung, this would be a pretty good year for Samsung HDTVs, just like it is expected to be one of the best Samsung years in the domain of mobile devices.

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