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First Android Ice Cream Sandwich expected in October

First Android Ice Cream Sandwich expected in October

After the immense success of the Honeycomb version of Android in tablets, Google now plans to release the next version of Android later this year, possible in October. The name of this version is Ice Cream Sandwich. Apparently this release is in response to the release of iPhone 4 which has considerably increased the worth and popularity of Appleā€™s smartphone. To retain the increasing popularity of Android, Google intends to release an updated and improved version of its operating system for mobile phones, and the possible release of Ice Cream Sandwich is one such effort. Several new and interesting features would accompany this new operating system, according to the resources.

Ice Cream sandwich would combine all the best features of its previous versions: Gingerbread and Honeycomb. Some of these interesting features include sliding widgets, holographic user interface, and the handy task launcher. The details of the news and specifications of the new version were not disclosed. At present, the issue of fragmentation is causing serious problems for Android developers since Android is running on so many devices with different structures and features. Google intends to rectify this problem with this new release by bringing the developers on a common platform to develop the Android apps for different devices. From the initial demos it appears that there would be a 3D holographic user interface which would be able to automatically detect where the user is looking and update things according to the possible perspective. This seems to be a pretty impressive enhancement which is not found in any previous version of Android as well as other operating systems. If implemented properly, this would certainly provide a clear edge to Android over the competitors. Another noteworthy feature that was displayed was Virtual Camera Operator. With the help of this software, during the video chat conference the speaking person could be automatically detected and focused upon. This software would be particularly useful for the business customers.

Currently, there are some 200,000 Android apps in the Android Market and these are constantly increasing. According to Google resources, about 100 million Android devices have been activated. With the release of Ice Cream Sandwich, issues like fragmentation would be resolved and this would provide further expansion opportunities for the Android platform. But to start using this innovative operating system with exciting new features, users would have to wait for a while.

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