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Focus S and Focus Flash will be released this month with Mango OS

Focus S and Focus Flash will be released this month with Mango OS

Finally it seems that Microsoft has been able to do something quite remarkable in the domain of mobile devices. Yes, we’re talking about the release of the latest version of their mobile OS with the name of Windows Phone ‘Mango’ OS. Mango OS has instantly became a favorite among the technical as well as common users and although it might not be able to compete the popularity of iOS and Android for the time being, it is certainly here to stay. From this OS, it finally seems that Micrsoft has come out of the stage of experimenting with operating system for mobile phones and has now arrivated at a definitive and conclusive version of the OS.
The main areas of focus for Mango OS seem to be social networking and contacts. Social networking is certainly essential for any mobile device these days and any operating system lacking proper support for social netowrking applications would not receive much appreciation from the common users. Mango OS is equipped with all these instruments and contains support for all major social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinikedIn etc. The missing support for these websites was a huge drawback in the previous versions of Windows Mobile OS.
Let’s take a look at the new features that have been introduced in Mango OS. First of all, the combined window pane for contacts is quite an awesome feature. With this feature in action, users can view the complete history of conversations with their contacts whether it is from phone or any other social networking platform. You don’t need to log in at multiple places to undertake this, instead the OS takes care of it for you. Besides, all the latest content and updates from your social networking accounts can also be viewed in a single palce. The Me pane feature also allows you to send updates on multiple accounts with a single post.
Moving ahead, Mango introduces threaded messaging and email for the first time. This much needed and popular service was also missing from the previous versions. Mango has introduced an additional feature with threaded messaging: Users can now hold single conversation with people on multiple accounts. For example, you text message from mobile to mobile and from mobile to Facebook and can view them in a single thread. Additionally, you can categorize your contacts in various groups. Microsoft has also given much more attention to Bing with Mango OS. In conjunction with the Local Scout feature, Bing maps can work even more effectively. Another adiditon to Bing is Bing Vision which like the bar code scanner of Android scans bar codes of the required products.
So basically a lot of improvements have been made in this updated version which certainly deserves the applaud. Mango OS would certainly prove to be quite a popular operating system for mobile devices.
We are looking forward to see Focus S and Focus Flash running Mango OS beginning November 6.

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