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Galaxy Ace would be released in April in UK while Galaxy Mini 2 would be available in France during March

Galaxy Ace would be released in April in UK while Galaxy Mini 2 would be available in France during March

Samsung would probably be releasing more products than anyone else during the Mobile World Congress. These products include several mid range as well as entry levels mobile phones. Among the entry level Android phones, probably the most anticipated devices are the upcoming models of Samsung Galaxy Mini and Galaxy Ace.  There were rumors about the release of Galaxy Mini 2 a while back, and now the official confirmation from Samsung has also come through a press release. Original versions of both these devices were released during the Mobile World Congress last year. Both these devices happen to be among the most popular entry level Android devices from Samsung.

Talking about the technical specifications, Galaxy Ace 2 would come with a 3.8-inch WVGA display and would be powered by an 800 MHz processor. It would have Android 2.3 Gingerbread as operating system. Other noteworthy technical specs of this phone include a 5 mega pixels rare end camera along with a front end camera, a microSD card slot, 4 GB of internal memory which is quite good, and support for useful services such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB 2.0 and GPS. The device would also be graced with Samsung’s TouchWiz interface.

As for Galaxy Mini 2, it would have the same processor and same version of Android. But since there was slight difference in the original versions of these two phones, from the slight difference in the technical specs it appears that the price difference would also be retained for these models as well. On this device, we would have a 3.27-inch HVGA display and a 3 mega pixels rare end camera. Remaining technical specs are almost same when compared to Galaxy Ace.

So far no information about the prices of these devices has been given out by Samsung. As for the exact release dates, those are also unknown. We do, however, know that Galaxy Ace would be released for the UK market in April while Galaxy Mini 2 would be available in France during March most probably. Finally, there is little doubt that Samsung would be announcing and displaying both these devices during Mobile World Congress, which happens to be just a few days away. During the same event, we would also see some of the finest high end devices from Samsung, such as the next 11.6 inch version of Samsung Galaxy Tab and possibly a better version of Galaxy Nexus.

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