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Galaxy Beam the first smart phone with a support for HD projector

Galaxy Beam the first smart phone with a support for HD projector

Samsung has impressed everyone with its innovations in the market of the mobile devices. Whether it is rugged phones, curved phones or cross between a tablet and a smart phone, Samsung has been successfully experimenting. The latest introduction is a smart phone that would have an HD projector built into it. This is what Galaxy Beam does for you, one of the latest smart phones to be released from Samsung.
This would be world’s first smart phone with a support for HD projector through which you would be able to share video content and interactive games on a 50 inch HD projector with flat screen. This means a whole group would be able to share interactive games, photos and watch videos simultaneously which is certainly something that would be very interesting for people interested in gaming as well as those who watch a lot of videos on projectors. A slight problem that could have been faced while using such device was that of shaking, and Samsung kept that into consideration too. To avoid that problem, Samsung is introducing stands to be used along with these devices.
The high brightness 50 lumens projector that has been inbuilt into this smart phone would be pointed at a wall or any flat screen and you would be able to convert your home into a mini theatre and enjoy all the content on the big screen. With this facility, the physical structure of the phone remains pretty slim and smart. It would have a reasonable thickness of just about 12.5 mm. Other technical specifications of this phone are also pretty good. Other than having Android 2.3 Gingerbread as operating system, it would come with 1.3 GHz dual core processor, 8 GB of internal storage capacity and a 5 mega pixel rare end camera. The technical specifications are not the best in the market but then again, the actual remarkable fact about this device is not these specifications but its support for HD projector.
So far Samsung has not released any information regarding the price or the release date of this device. But rumor has it that this phone would be released in the UK market this summer, most probably during June or July. So be ready to get your Galaxy Beam and enjoy home theatre content.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy Beam

After the release date you can unlock Samsung Galaxy Beam with us and you can use it in any mobile network. The process is very simple and costs only $19.75.

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