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Galaxy F series super premium smartphones with metal cases and high-end specs for 2014

Galaxy F series super premium smartphones with metal cases and high-end specs for 2014


Samsung is pretty active these days, which should be predictable considering that Apple has been doing the same. In response to 64-bit capabilities of the new iPhone, Samsung recently announced that its next phone would also be equipped with the same processing power. Then we learned about the new ISOCELL mobile camera tech and now we have another interesting piece of information.

As per the reports from the Korean media, the home town of Samsung, the company is planning the launch of its premium line of smartphones in near future. This project is tentatively being called Project F. Naturally, details are scant at this point but this news has got everyone pretty excited. Speculations and rumors, however, abound. We might have a screen somewhere in the vicinity of 5 inches with possibly flexible displays at some later point. Other than that, these devices might come with Exynos Octa processors and 16 megapixel camera equipped with optical image stabilization technology.

These new devices from Samsung would fall in the premium category so we are not expecting their mass production, like it was the case with YOUM flexible displays and OIS tech for Samsung Note 3. So the production, most probably, would take place on rather smaller scale. Or alternatively, if the company decides to produce more devices, this would most probably be done in the form of limited batches released at regular intervals.

There was also a speculation that the metal casing that is soon to be produced would be fitted on the upcoming version of Samsung Galaxy phone. However, it now seems that these casings might instead feature on the F series phones. It sure would be very interesting to see another high notch series of phones form Samsung, after the immense success of Note and Galaxy series phones. One also wonders what these new phones would look like. Whether Samsung would decide to produce them following the design of its previous flagships devices from the Note and Galaxy series or whether we would come to know some new design strategy from the company.

A lot is a secret about this new project of Samsung, such as the possible design, technical specs and price range etc. But the company sure seems to keep up with the innovation that is required for the stiff competition with Apple and other tech giants. Let’s wait and see how things unfold for Samsung and its fans.

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