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Galaxy Nexus is going after iPhone 4S with everything it’s got

Galaxy Nexus is going after iPhone 4S with everything it’s got

The question of two best devices in the market of smart phones at present is quite easy. These devices are iPhone 4S and Galaxy Nexus. But the question of which of these two devices is the best one is a bit tricky and to answer that, we would have to undergo a detailed comparison. iPhone 4S has come with the latest version of iOS while with Galaxy Nexus, we have come to know the latest version of Android named Ice Cream Sandwich.

When we talk of display of these devices, Galaxy Nexus clearly wins the race with its impressive 720 x 1280 pixels compared to 640 x 960 pixels of iPhone 4S. The display of Galaxy Nexus is one of the finest displays at present in the market. Analyzing form the perspective of the operating system, we see that although Android has done great over the last couple of years, still it has a long way to go before it can finally catch up with iOS. The app store of iOS is stocked with far more impressive apps compared to the Android market. So on this front, iPhone 4S is ahead of Galaxy Nexus. From the hardware side, we see that Galaxy Nexus runs on 1.2 GHz TI OMAP 4460 dual core processor along with 1 GB of RAM wile iPhone 4S is powered by 1 GHz dual core processor along with a 512 MB RAM, so on this front Galaxy Nexus is clearly ahead. iPhone 4S is available in three models: 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. Galaxy Nexus, on the other, is available only in 16 GB and 32 GB models.

The camera feature is another decisive factor in this race. Galaxy Nexus comes with 5 mega pixel camera with 2592 x 1936 pixels and the facilities of LED flash, auto focus and HD video recording in 1080 p. All these facilities are also available in the backend camera of iPhone 4S with the additional edge that it is an 8 mega pixel camera. The iPhone 4S camera is comparatively quite better. Talking about the price of both these devices, Galaxy Nexus is available for $199 when purchased under contract with Verizon and can be unlocked which is a big plus. A Galaxy Nexus unlocked is available for $694 (unlock your Galaxy Nexus with us and pay $400 less). On the other hand, the three models of the iPhone 4S are available for $199 (16 GB), $299 (32 GB) and $399 (64 GB) respectively. All under contract. Unlocked iPhone starts from $499.

At the end of the analysis, it is hard to clearly pin point the best device. But one has to admit, it wouldn’t take to much time for Android phones to catch up with Apple.

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