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Galaxy Nexus or Nexus Prime?

Galaxy Nexus or Nexus Prime?

The latest and the major smartphone released with the collaboration of Google and Samsung is available for pre-orders but there seems to be confusion regarding the name of the device. Although officially the device is named Galaxy Nexus, online retailers such as Best Buy have named it as Nexus Prime in the online ads. The device named Nexus Prime LTE 4G, which is actually Galaxy Nexus, would be available for $299.99.The distinguishing feature of this phone, which apparently is being dubbed as Nexus Prime, is that it would be the very first device utilizing the latest version of Android named Ice Cream Sandwich.

Soon after the ad containing the name Nexus Prime was circulated, the error was corrected by Android Central via a photo that corrected the name to Galaxy Nexus and the status of the device is still coming soon. Although nothing can be said with certainty about the release date of this phone, we can expect it to release very soon. It might hit the shelves as soon as tomorrow but the expected date, for the time being, is Dec 8. Besides, the price of the device happens to be $199 along with a two year contract with the carrier.

Unlock Galaxy Nexus or unlock Nexus Prime?

Irrespective the name you can unlock Nexus Prime or Galaxy Nexus on our website. The procedure is the same just select different phone:
unlock Galaxy Nexus or unlock Nexus Prime.

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