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Galaxy Note 2 available in 2 more colors

Galaxy Note 2 available in 2 more colors

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has proven to be a worthy successor of the original blockbuster Galaxy Note. Over five million units of the device were sold during the two months after its release, literally making it the next big thing. Originally the device was available in only two color options of blue and white. Now, however, Samsung has finally launched the device in two more colors: brown and red. For the time being, these two color options are only available in Samsung’s home country, South Korea, but hopefully the devices would soon be launched for the international market.

galaxy-note-2-unlockedSamsung released the original Galaxy Note last year and expectations were rather low about the success of this giant device in the market. However, contrary to all expectations and speculations, the device went on to be immensely popular and Samsung sold five million units of the device within first five months. Not only that, Samsung managed to set a new trend of “phablets” and various other tech giants followed the lead with the launch of their versions of phablets.

The second generation version of Galaxy Note was recently launched and it proved to be even more successful than its predecessor. The device sold twice as fast as its first generation counterpart. Samsung is paying as much attention to its Note line of devices as its Galaxy line. Other than two smartphones from the Note line, we also have a tablet and rumor has it that Samsung is planning the launch of Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet during Mobile World Congress in February. So far there is no official word from Samsung in this regard but this would certainly be a good surprise.

Galaxy Note line of phones have set a size standard that many consider the smartphone standard of future. The predictions seem correct considering that various other tech giants, including even Apple, have increased the sizes of their smartphones. The clear advantage a smartphone with larger display presents is that people can use as an alternative to both tablets as well as eReaders. Considering the immense success of Galaxy Note smartphones, we won’t be surprised if Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet also proves to be highly successful.

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