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Galaxy Note 2 is available starting from September 22 in India

Galaxy Note 2 is available starting from September 22 in India

Galaxy Note 2 is now also available for pre-orders in India. A major retailer with the name of Infibeam has started taking orders of the device for 38,500 Indian rupees per device, which is equivalent to $694. As per the official notice from the retailer, the device would be made available starting from September 22. Galaxy Note 2 would be launched in the US in October.

Galaxy Note 2 was officially announced by Samsung in its ‘Unpacked’ event in Berlin a few days ago. The event also saw several other interesting announcements but this one was the most anticipated announcement. There are several new features included in the device, including am improved S Pen. Among the scores of new features, “Air View” is included which can be accessed from many apps. This feature gives users a preview of videos or photos when they are hovered over by the S Pen.

Important technical specs of the second generation version of Galaxy Note include a quad core 1.6 GHz processor, 2 GB of RAM memory and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The device would be available in three models: 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB.

The device would also come with improved grip and a rubber tip. After being pulled out of the holder, a page would pop on the display asking user what task he would like the device to perform. A new method of issuing commands has also been including, according to which users could issue commands by simply holding the button of the S Pen and drawing a line. Accessibility of email addresses has also been made easier and user would be able to access a specific person by jolting down a name.

For photography buffs, a very interesting new feature is the Best Face, which allows you to select multiple facial expressions of a person in a continuous group of shots. Besides, the device also contains screen recorders for the purpose of recording video and audio. Redesigning of drag-and-drop smart folders has also been done.

The capacity of the things that can be with the S Pen has considerably been increased. Users would now be able to write anything at the back of a photo and can also outline, crop and share it. Related apps such as S Note and S Planner are now better integrated with social networking websites such as Facebook.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 2

After a few weeks from the release date you can unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with us and take full benefit of it. This procedure costs only $ 19.75 and you can do it from your home. Once this phone is unlocked you can use it in any compatible mobile network.

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