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Galaxy Note 3 – Rumors

Galaxy Note 3 – Rumors

If you thought that Galaxy Note 2 was big at 5.5 inches that you might be in for a surprise because Galaxy Note 3 might even exceed 6 inches. This shows that in future we might see the increasing trend of “phabets.”

unlock_samsung_galaxy_note_3The news was revealed by The Korea Times according to which the third generation version of Samsung Galaxy Note might showcase a 6.3 inch display, a significant enhancement from 5.5 inches of Galaxy Note 2. If this turns out to be true, Galaxy Note 3 would be just on the borders of 7 inch tablets like Google Nexus 7, Amazon Kindle Fire and iPad Mini.

Samsung started the trend of “phablets” in 2011 with the launch of its Galaxy Note which, contrary to the expectations, proved to be an immensely successful device. The success continued with the second generation version of the device and Samsung managed to sell more than 5 million devices within a couple of months.

We are not sure whether the decision to make the device even bigger is viable or not. Granted that smartphones with giant displays are in trend but taking the display to 6.3 inches would leave only a little middle ground between smartphones and tablets. Are we heading to a future where there won’t be any distinction between smartphones and tablets? Let’s wait and see.

As per the report by The Korean Times, Galaxy Note 3 would also be equipped with Samsung Exynos 5 Octa processor, a powerful eight-core chip which has not been seen on any smartphones as yet. The four low-power cores of the octa-core processor would be devoted the everyday tasks while the remaining four high-power cores would be reserved for high-end tasks such as high-graphics video games and HD videos etc. Eight cores would also facilitate improved multi-tasking capabilities.

But all this is not confirmed for the time being. And we would have to wait for a few months since both the previous Note devices were launched at the end of the year. Besides, Galaxy Note 2 is still selling like hot cakes and Note 3 won’t be announced for a while. Let’s see if we have the giant device or the tradition of 5-ish inch displays is retained by Samsung.

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