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Galaxy Note and Galaxy Wave 3 released yesterday in Berlin

Galaxy Note and Galaxy Wave 3 released yesterday in Berlin

So finally the highly anticipated and hyped event of Samsung releases in Berlin has been realized and Samsung has announced the release of some new devices with cutting edge technology. Some noteworthy products by Samsung that were announced during this event were Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, Samsung Galaxy Note and Samsung Wave 3. Let’s see what Samsung has to offer us regarding the specs of these devices.

Boo-Keun Yoon, the president of the visual display business of Samsung, commenced the event with the smart TV, mobiles and 3D offering. A new PC from Samsung and a new mobile communication service also seem to be just around the corner. The European Marketing Director, Michael Zoller talked about the progress that Samsung has made when it comes to the development of televisions equipped with the latest technology. An interesting feature of Samsung smart TVs is that YouTube would exclusively be releasing its 3D content for them. These TVs would be accompanied with thousands of apps from Samsung TV App Store and 10 new apps would be added to the Store each business day. Dan Saunders, head of content of Samsung Europe, talked about the apps in more details. 3D and 5.1 surround for the Maxdome Smart TV were announced by Rene Rummel, senior product manager. An interesting demonstration about the Tube TV was displayed showing the impact of new technology on old products.

Michael Andre, the European product manager of Samsung Digital Imaging, introduced and talked about Samsung Multiview Envy 800. The camera seems to be pretty impressive with a three inch flip out touchscreen display and 180 degree flip. Other important features include 16.1 MP, 5X optical zoom lens and 26 mm wide angle lens. Magic Frame, live panorama and Smart Touch 3.0 Wallpapers are also among the integral features. NX200 was also shortly introduced containing an impressive 20.3 megapixel sensor and the facility of 7 frames per second. VGA AMOLED, 3 inch display and iFunction 2.0 would be included in the complete package. Patrick Povel introduced the new notebook from Samsung in the Samsung Series 9. This product would come with new Intel Core Processors up to i7 and would also contain extra cache reducing its booting time up to 45 percent. The notebook would be available in 13, 14 and 15 inch models.

After this came the most exciting part, that is, the introduction of smartphones and tablet computers. DJ Lee, executive vice president and head of global sales and marketing of Samsung Mobiles took the stage and announced the release of 3 new devices. The first one happens to be Samsung Wave 3 running Bada OS version 2.0. This smartphone would be showcasing a 4 inch super AMOLED screen. Apparently Samsung is working toward the improvement of Bada OS as the top industry platform. After Samsung Wave 3, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 was introduced which happens to be the latest tablet computer form Samsung. This device would also contain a super AMOLED screen and what’s more, this would be the thinnest and the lightest tablet in the market. Not much was said about the other technical details which were kept for the end.

After that came The Galaxy Note. This device would come with a 5.3 inch super AMOLED screen. From the size, this seems to be something between a smartphone and a tablet. Noteworthy aspect is that this would have a pen input. To facilitate reading emails while moving, the device is more like a digital notepad and diary. Finally, Samsung Wave 3 was again presented by Thomas Richter, the director of portfolio management of Samsung European Telecommunication. This seems to be a pretty impressive device with a metal unibody design and again a super AMOLED screen. The OS, once again, would be Bada version 2.0. Multitasking and playing video games wirelessly is facilitated on the device. The new messaging service introduced by Samsung would be Chat On through which users can send multimedia messages. This service would be made available on phones, tablets and PCs.

We were offered more technical specifications of Galaxy Tab 7.7 which was shortly displayed previously. Other than the usual Super AMOLED screen the noteworthy aspect is that this tablet would contain the highest pixel density among all the tablets so far. Galaxy Tab 7.7 would be thinner and lighter compared to its predecessors. The device would be running on a 1.4 GHz processor and a 4G LET option would also be available. Android 3.2 in conjunction with Samsung TouchWiz UI would grace the tablet. Galaxy Note was given another appearance. This phone would be accompanying the S Pen. Other than having the facility of handwriting recognition, this device showcases a couple of other innovative features. For example, swiping the hand across the display would take a screen shot while covering the display would play and pause the media. So basically, Samsung is planning to release some quite innovative products with interesting features this fall. Just keep your fingers crossed.

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