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Galaxy R vs Galaxy S2

Galaxy R vs Galaxy S2

The Galaxy R measures up to standards set by the Galaxy S2. It is considered as a slight downgrade of the Galaxy S2 though it boasts of an equally powerful processor. The Galaxy R’s camera is 5 megapixels, lower than that of Galaxy S2. The Galaxy R is expected to inspire a variety of versions both in the US and Europe.

The Galaxy R comes with a different processor- Duo Core Tegra and a 4.2” display. The Galaxy R is designed differently from Galaxy S2. However, the new device is not as thin as the lightest and thinnest smart phones in the market. The Galaxy R gives out a more solid feel created from both plastic and metal while giving its whole body a slight difference in thickness.
Since it is a prototype, the Galaxy R may show slight variations in both its hardware and software composition once the final product hits the market. At this point, it may be important to mention that the Galaxy R may end up exhibiting characteristics similar to those of the Galaxy S2. Just contact the experienced experts to have your Samsung Galaxy R unlocked
The device gives out a solid feel and look. Its user interface is supported by a 4.2” LCD screen that shows super clear images and covers most of the front. While it may be difficult to tell the difference in sizes between the S2 and R, it is easy to notice that the latter is brighter. The Galaxy R gives naturally looking images with minimal exaggeration of color. However, images viewed on the Super AMOLED Plus screen used on Galaxy S2 appear more vibrant.
The Galaxy exhibits an appreciable level of sunlight legibility and good viewing angles.
A redesign of the Galaxy S2 brought about an even better model namely the Galaxy R. The phone is 0.04” thicker than the former. It is slightly heavier, weighing 4.76 ounces. The phone gives a solid feel and is thicker than most of competition.
Like most of Samsungs smart phones, the Galaxy R is built on the android Operating System (OS). It has a battery powerful enough to allow talk time of up to 580 minutes. It has a stylish look that most customers will adore. The device has support for Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth 3.0 HS and USB 2.0.

Unlock Galaxy R and unlock Galaxy S2

Both phones can be unlock using the codes we send you. Unlock Galaxy S2 or Galaxy R will take you no more than 15 minutes  if you use our services. Galaxy R unlock will be of course available after the phone is released.

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