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Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S Plus versus LG Optimus

Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S Plus versus LG Optimus

Among the recent smartphones being released by Samsung, Samsung Galaxy S II and Samsung Galaxy S Plus are the two best smartphones. Additionally, LG has also released its noteworthy smartphone, LG Optimus 2X. Let’s have a short comparison of these amazing devices with respect to their technical specifications and features.

Initially Galaxy S II was released on a 1 GHz dual-core processor and was later updated to 1.2 GHz which makes it a reasonable competitor to LG Optimus 2X which already runs on 1.2 GHz processor. There is a plan of 1.4 GHz for the final version of Galaxy S II LTE although it has not yet been implemented. But still 1.2 GHz instead of 1 GHz is quite an improvement. Other than this, there aren’t many improvements in this updated version and it uses the same 5 MP camera with a 720p video recording facility. In contrast to this, the flagship versions of both Samsung and LG contain an 8 MP integrated camera with a 1080 video recording. The picture quality of LG Optimus camera is slightly better than the other two devices. The video recording capabilities, however, are more or less the same. The screen of Galaxy S II, however, has been considerably improved. However, although the SuperAMOLED tech for display is quite great, there are certain negative points such as PenTile subpixel matrix. This problem is also found on Galaxy S Plus. From the perspective of resolution, both Galaxy S Plus and Galaxy S II have same resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. LG Optimus 2X has a clear edge when it comes to sharp display.

The operating system that runs on both Samsung Galaxy S II and Samsung Galaxy S Plus is Android Gingerbread 2.3 while that on LG Optimus 2X is Froyo 2.2. So on this front, Samsung devices are a bit ahead than the LG device. When we compare the browsing capabilities of the three devices, S II and 2X facilitate better browsing experience as compared to Galaxy Plus. Among all the three devices, S II browser seems to be the fastest.

All the three devices are stocked with common mobile applications and the noteworthy social networking applications. So on this front they are more or less on equal footing. Flash performance of S II seems to be better than 2X, since it can play 1080p videos with no problem while 2X gets a bit choppy at 720p. Galaxy S Plus plays 720p videos quite fine but seems to be a bit slowed down while running 1080p videos. Gaming experience however is great with all the three devices. So basically, all three devices have there pros and cons and if one device is better on one front, others balance out the effect on other fronts.

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