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Galaxy S2 HD could be released in UK next month

Galaxy S2 HD could be released in UK next month

It appears that the famed new generation version of Galaxy S2, which would be having an HD display and an improved battery life, would soon be gracing the UK market. Important technical specs of Galaxy S2 HD include an improved resolution of the screen, powerful battery and a larger display. The phone would also have complete support for LTE and NFC. We would also see an 8 mega pixel camera on board on the rare side. Remaining technical specifications of Galaxy S2 HD are pretty much similar to the original version of the phone. Galaxy S2 is the most popular smartphone released by Samsung so far and the number of phones sold from the Galaxy line has reached 30 million worldwide. The exact release date of Galaxy S2 HD has not been announced yet but we can expect the device to be released before the Mobile World Conference which would be held in February. During this event, Samsung also plans to announce the release of Galaxy S3.

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