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Galaxy S2 is called Epic Touch 4G in Sprint

Galaxy S2 is called Epic Touch 4G in Sprint

A high end Samsung Galaxy S II is expected to roll-off production lines sometime this September. According to some reports, the Samsung Epic Touch 4G may actually be the expected as Samsung Galaxy S II upgrade.
The Samsung Epic Touch 4G is expected to join the Sprint network. Enthusiasts of the Galaxy S2 within Sprint refer to the smartphone as the “Galaxy Within” . After that another rumor indicated that the Sprint’s upgrade of the Samsung Galaxy S II will be Samsung Epic Touch 4G.
Samsung Epic Touch 4G is programmed for launch this September, is not the only smart device rolling off into the market from Sprint. Samsung I8150 and I677 are also rumored.
One thing for sure, late September, smartphone users will be spoilt for choice. Analysts suggest that most of the smartphones in the market have more or less same features and capabilities. Even the common phone user at some point realizes that these big and sleek phones do not make a lot of difference. As such, only phone names and not features are actually being offered for sale in the market place. For example Samsung Hercules, Epic Touch 4G and Attain are in fact the same phone, Galaxy S2. The names differ in relation with the network operators (T-Mobile, Sprint or AT&T) who are selling this phones blocked in their networks.
However, the processor and RAM of Epic Touch 4G will need a higher capability for easier implementation on a 4th Generation Network. The battery should be also stronger.

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