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Galaxy S2 made to beat iPhone4s sales

Galaxy S2 made to beat iPhone4s sales

T-Mobile has finally released the first high-end Android phone in white color, a precedence that was set by Apple. This white phone which can be considered a direct rival of white iPhone 4S is Samsung Galaxy S2 and is available for orders. The price for a Galaxy S2 locked is $229.99 along with a two year contract with the carrier and a $50 mail-in rebate. On top of this price there is also the cost to unlock Galaxy S2 but anyway you will pay less than a Galaxy S2 unlocked. Technical specifications of this phone are similar to the original Galaxy S2, but the device has 4.52 inch Super AMOLED display. The device would be running on the 4G network of T-Mobile.

Among all the phones released by T-Mobile, Galaxy S2 happens to be the most popular device so far. But other than T-Mobile, AT&T has also released its version of Galaxy S2 in white color so the choice is there. With the release of this device, the variety of Android based phones has further increased. Other than the US market, Samsung would also be releasing the white model of the device for the Korean market.

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