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Galaxy S3 and Optimus G might use the Miracast technology

Galaxy S3 and Optimus G might use the Miracast technology

Miracast is the latest technology introduced by the WiFi alliance which, on the lines of Apple AirPlay wireless streaming standards, would allow the users to shunt around the content using the WiFi Direct. So far, the Miracast technology has not been used on any device in the market, although now it seems that the situation is about to change since it might appear on two major Android devices: Samsung Galaxy S3 and LG Optimus G.

So far, Optimus G has not been released so it would certainly take some time before the technology is actually operational on these devices. However, both these devices have been named Miracast compatible and the technology is set to be implemented on them in near future.

Considering the tough targets that Apple has been setting for its competitors, we can expect the implementation of this technology on a vast scale in future. This would include almost all digital devices such as different kinds of TVs, set-top boxes, laptops, smartphones, tablets and other entertainment devices. Probability is that, in near future, next generation TVs and Realtek network cards from Samsung would feature the direct Mircast certification. Other than that, various components developed by tech giants such as Broadcom, Intel, Marvell, MediaTek and Ralink would also be used in other technology gear. So there is a lot of scope for expansion of this technology and according to the expectations and estimates, this technology standard would be supported by around 1.5 million devices by 2016, which is certainly quite impressive. These devices would be identified by their WiFi-certified logos.

Other than Samsung, this is a pretty good move from LG since the technology would be available on Optimus G from the very start. This year has been pretty good for the company so far and after emerging out of the loss of seven straight quarters, the company seems to be doing well. The choice of Galaxy S3, on the other hand, seems quite obvious since Galaxy S3 is among the very best devices in the Android ecosystem and it would be an obvious choice for the implementation of a new technology. The previous model from the Galaxy series, S2, faced the same kind of success and VIP treatment and Galaxy S3 is following the path quite successfully.

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