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Galaxy S3 could present us a super camera

Galaxy S3 could present us a super camera

Samsung just did great with its Galaxy S II which could be considered the closest rival of Apple’s iPhone. Now from some leaked news it appears that Samsung has been working on Galaxy S3 which would most probably be released in mid 2012. The technical specifications of this new device seem to be very impressive, although complete details of these specs is not known yet.

Perhaps the most noteworthy technical feature of Samsung Galaxy S3 would be the probable 16 MP of camera that would be a part of it. Previously, there were rumors about a 12 mega pixels camera being integrated in the device but according to the latest news, bigger is better. Previously, highest camera resolution in a mobile device happened to be 12 mega pixels so this new initiative would certainly set a new standard on this front. The camera would be equipped with Samsung’s S5K2P1 sensor which is equally efficient whether you are taking images or recording videos. Other than taking images at 16 mega pixels, users would also be able to record videos at 8.3 mega pixels or equivalently, at 30 fps. Besides, 1.34um Backside Illumination Pixel Technology would also play its role in the efficient performance of this amazing camera, ensuring qualities such as low noise, high sensitivity and brighter pictures under low light conditions.

Other technical specifications of Samsung Galaxy S3 were also revealed to some extent. According to this news, the device would be running on a powerful Quad-core 2 GHz processor and would be utilizing the latest version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich in conjunction with Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface. The RAM memory of the phone would be 1.5 GB while the internal memory capacity would range up to 32 GB. A 4.65″ Super AMOLED III screen with impressive resolutions of 1280 x 1024 would certainly be a delight to use. So apparently everything about Samsung Galaxy S 3 is impressive and this would easily be the best device not only from Samsung, but overall in the market of smartphones. But we would have to wait for a while since it would most probably be released in mid 2012. Although we don’t know the exact price of the device but it would, most probably, be quite costly like other high end phones, but you still have a lot of time to manage your budget.

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