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Galaxy S3 gets 4G capabilities in UAE

Galaxy S3 gets 4G capabilities in UAE

imagesEtisalat has become the first carrier of UAE to launch Samsung Galaxy S3 equipped with 4G LTE capabilities which would run on the high speed Etisalat 4G LTE network. With this new version, the users of LTE network of Etisalat would be able to enjoy network speeds as high as 100Mbps. Starting from December 12, the company would provide its customers with attractive options of contract-free pre-paid and post-paid bundle packages.

Customers of the network would also be able to switch between receiving free local or international talk time, coupled with the special Samsung Galaxy S 3 4G LTE plan. With the enhanced speeds of up to 100 Mbps, customers would now be able to enjoy high speed apps, online gaming, video streaming as well as various other facilities. Other than having the capability of supporting speeds of up to 150 Mbps, the network also recently conducted the world’s first 300 Mbps speed test on its network quite successfully.

Talking about the new initiatives from the company, the Chief Marketing Officer, Khaled Elkhouly, said that Etisalat was the first carrier in the region to initiate the widest 4G LTE network in September 2011. Now, he said, the company has once again pioneered in the launch of 4G LTE enabled Samsung Galaxy S3 in the region with high data rates and amazing price.

The new 4G LTE network from Etisalat provides coverage to over 80 percent of the populated area of UAE and also allows a smooth transition between LTE and HSPA+. As for the customers outside of the 4G LTE area, they would be automatically connected with the 3G network of the company. The 3G network from the company is the most reliable in the region and covers over 99 percent of the populated area of UAE.

Samsung Galaxy S3 4G LTE is specifically designed to cope with the needs of social media users. Various noteworthy and cutting edge features of the device include Smart Stay, Direct Call, Smart alert, Social tag and S voice. The device runs the latest version of Android OS, Jelly Bean, in conjunction with Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface. Customers can subscribe to the 4G LTE plans from Etisalat from the Business Centers and Outlets of the company across the UAE. They can unlock their devices on our unlocking page.


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