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Galaxy Tab 3 Game Edition a perfect bundle for all the gamers out there

Galaxy Tab 3 Game Edition a perfect bundle for all the gamers out there



2013 was a very good year for gaming, with Microsoft and Sony unveiling the latest models of their consoles. The latest treat in this regard happens to be Galaxy Tab 3 Game Edition. This bundle seems like a perfect package for all the gamers out there. The complete package also includes the WiFi tablet, controller and an HDMI adapter. In addition, three games are also available as part of the deal.

Overall deal seems quite fine but price is an important factor to consider. So far Samsung has not announced the exact price of the whole package but estimates can be made based on the specs of the device and related accessories. If taken on its own, Samsung GamePad is expected to be sold at a price of $80. Further, HDMI adapter, a good one, can be purchased at $40. Finally, the standalone price of 16GB version of Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 happens to be $249. Adding all these together we get $369. We can expect the price to be in the vicinity of that figure, although we also hope that Samsung would somewhat reduce the overall price. We’ve discussed before about the Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 devices and how can you use our unlocking service for unlocking these devices. Let’s see now what the Galaxy Tab 3 Game Edition will bring new for the game lovers out there.

Technical specifications of Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 are also known. Operating system for this device is Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and it is powered by 1.50 GHz processor. The display resolution of this device is 1280 x 800 pixels and its internal storage capacity is 16GB. The dual-core machine is also equipped with memory card reader and Bluetooth. Overall, the specs of the tablet are pretty competitive and on par with the standard tablets in the market so on this front, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 does not lack anything. But the thing is that world has moved from dual-core to quad-core devices and the dual-core device, although perfectly fine for everyday use, is certainly not the best option for heavy gaming applications. Naturally, anyone who purchases the Game Edition bundle will have the purpose of gaming and to this end the tablet does not seem to be the best choice.

Another option that can be availed by gaming people who are irked by the dual-core tablet is to purchase Nexus 7 and use it in conjunction with Samsung GamePad. Let’s see how this device fares in the competitive market of gaming-oriented tablets.



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