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Google is all set to launch a Google Nexus tablet

Google is all set to launch a Google Nexus tablet

A lot seems to be going in the Android sphere of technology, with the expected release of several new devices and software enhancements.  Over the last few days, the main attraction at several events was the new iPad from Apple, but it is evident that Android is also not idle. What we are hearing is that Google is all set to launch a Google Nexus tablet that would cost as low as $149 to $199. This would be a seven inch tablet and even with respect to a seven inch device, this price would be pretty impressive. Compared to the iPad, this new device might not be a serious threat since the size and specs of iPad place it in a different category. This tablet from Google, however, would be a serious challenge for other seven inch tablets in the market, most notably Amazon Kindle Fire.
So far, the main emphasis of major tech giants including Google has been the 10 inch tablets and only a few have paid attention to the seven inch devices. Amazon Kindle Fire has proven to be a highly successful seven inch tablet and the success of Kindle Fire has forced other competitors to consider the option of a seven inch device seriously. Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet both run on Android but the manufacturers of these tablets are different and we are yet have such a device from Google itself. Besides, these tablets also offer their own apps and streaming facilities with Android acting as a little more than an operating system, which further means that Google gains very little from these devices. So this explains the reason why Google is planning to release a seven inch tablet. There are already many Android tablets in the market, although none of them is from Google. As for future initiatives, HTC is planning to release several new Android devices, but none of them would be a tablet. Samsung already has a 10 inch and a 7 inch version of its Galaxy Tab running Android, but these days there isn’t any grand news from Samsung on the tablet front. The new tablet manufactured by Google would certainly come with Ice Cream Sandwich but there is no information about the technical specs of the device so far. Meanwhile, the new Virgin Mobile has offered a new deal for the first time smartphone owners. This deal would allow them to purchase a pre-paid, no-contract phone just for $99. These phones, other than having support for 3G, would also come with 300 voice minutes at a cost of $35 per month.

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