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Google Nexus Prime

Google Nexus Prime

The highly anticipated CTIA exhibition from Samsung and Google is just a few days ahead where it is expected that Samsung would unveil some high end products. Of course the most important among all the expected products happens to be Google Nexus Prime which can be considered an improved version of Google Nexus, which was released last year and was received quite positively by the users. Recently a photo of this device was revealed which showed the physical structure of the phone in quite detail. The device seems to be pretty slim with beautiful structure from the initial pictures but we don’t really know anything in detail. Most probably it would be released during Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2011: Google Edition scheduled for next week.

Talking from the perspective of design, this anticipated model is not too far removed from the looks of the previous model. This means that we are going in to have another stylish and beautiful smartphone that would result as collaboration between Samsung and Google. There are, however, a few differences when it comes to technical specifications since this model has been considerably improved. To start with, the previous version used Android 2.3 Gingerbread as its OS while this model would be using the latest Android update with the name of Ice Cream Sandwich. This Android update was also announced quite a while ago and is probably the most highly anticipated update from Android so far. Ice Cream Sandwich has been developed to combine the qualities of Android versions for smartphones as well as tablets. So basically this version would be used on phones as well as tablets. The screen curve of the device gives it a special aesthetic beauty although the curve might be a bit less compared to what Samsung had shown in a teaser.

But most of the things about this amazing new device are based solely on speculations and nothing can be said for sure. This uncertainly would wither off in a few days when the device would finally be in your hands. Same goes for the exact release date and price of Nexus Prime, since the device might take a while before being released. It would be showcased during the CTIA event but that might just be an announcement. Anyways, to get to know about the complete facts, just keep your fingers crossed for a few more days. You would be able to watch the event live on several tech blogs and websites.

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