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I9220 confirmed by DLNA

I9220 confirmed by DLNA

Samsung has been constantly releasing feature phones and smart phones and the number of these devices seems to be countless. Recently, Samsung unveiled several of the mobile phone devices which seemed pretty impressive from the technical specifications. These were nine devices in total: I9250, I9220, I9210, I8150, B5510, S5360, S5610, P6200, P6210 and S5380. According to the initial resources, these nine devices include the 7 new Android devices, two 7″ Honeycomb tablets. Additionally, there are also two phones with Bada OS rumored. However, one of these devices stirred special attention. This was the I9220 which, from the specifications and features, seemed like a big hit. The device has already gone through the DLNA test process and has complete certification. These tests particularly focused on the images, video and audio quality of the device. So basically the media capabilities of this device have been completely tested and verified. Considering that the device has already gone through all the testing processes, it seems that Samsung would announce the official release of the device any time now. However, this is not confirmed and exact release date as well as the price of the device is completely unknown.

Let’s take a short look at the expected hardware specifications and software features of the device. The expected operating system that would be running on Samsung I9220 is Android Gingerbread version 2.3.3 on a 1.4 GHz dual-core processor. Screen specifications are 4.3 inch and SuperAMOLED with impressive screen resolutions of 1280×720. An 8 MP camera would also be integrated in the device. These specifications would be pretty impressive for a mobile phone.

For the time being, there is some ambiguity about the actual status of this device. Samsung’s website lists this device under the categories of both tablets and mobile phones. Besides, this device is also being called Gingerbread version of Galaxy Tab which is a tablet instead of a mobile. If this device turns out to be a tablet, it would be the smallest tablet from Samsung with a screen size of merely 4.3 inches. However, since there is not any confirmed news about the actual identity of this device, nothing can be said in advance. Users and experts would have to wait for some time to know the actual identity of this mysterious device. Let’s hope that this wait would be worth it and Samsung would not disappoint the customers.

Unlock I9220

Regardless when this turns out to be a smartphone, users would be able to unlock Samsung I9220 and use its full features at economical cost.


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