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In March 2013 Samsung would launch Galaxy S4

In March 2013 Samsung would launch Galaxy S4

The dust about Samsung Galaxy S3 has not settled down yet and even though four months have passed since the launch of the device, it is selling like hot cakes. Customers seem to be very satisfied with the phone and it has become the most popular device from Samsung ever. However, it seems that Samsung is not content with achieving a single target and is already planning on future advancement.

The launch of iPhone 5 would certainly require Samsung to upgrade its phone in near future, and it seems that Samsung intends on doing just that. iPhone 5 would be available starting from September 21, and we can expect a new Samsung Galaxy flagship during the next Mobile World Congress in 2013.

This news has been revealed by Korea Times according to which a device named Galaxy S4 would be announced by Samsung during the MWC 2013, in February. Sources also claim that the phone would be launched by March 2013. The same source also claimed that Galaxy S 4 is “expected to be the firm’s most powerful handset yet in terms of hardware specifications and software advancement,” although after the remarkable features of Galaxy S3, this won’t be much of a surprise.

It is claimed that S4 would be available in a single version equipped with quad-core Exynos CPU, unlike Galaxy S3 which is available in two versions: One having quad-core Exynos processor and the other one with a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. This variation in the processing power varies from market to market. Besides, it is also claimed that S4 would come with a 5 inch screen, larger than the 4.8 inches of the present Galaxy phone.

Galaxy S3 was launched in May this year and proved to be immensely popular. It is fairly possible that Samsung launches the next version in just 10 months, which would be till March next year. So the rumors about the announcement of the next Galaxy device during the MWC 2013 certainly are not out of proportion. According to the estimates, the number of units of Galaxy S3 sold by the end of this year can hit the mark of 30 million, which is quite significant. This would make Galaxy S3 the most widely sold smart phone in the history of Samsung.

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