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Is Samsung lying about the delay of Nexus Prime release date?

Is Samsung lying about the delay of Nexus Prime release date?

The most important news circulating in the market of the mobile devices right now is the delay of the release of Nexus Prime and Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Nexus Prime is probably the most anticipated smartphone to be released in the next few months while Ice Cream Sandwich would so far be the only version of Android capable of running equally well on smartphones and tablet devices which makes it the most noteworthy version of Android so far. Nexus Prime would be among the high end devices so far released by Samsung and the second major device developed with the colleboration of Samsung and Google. The device contains some pretty amazing technical specifications and a lot of improvements over the previous version.
So there is certianly a lot that can create excitement. The release of Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich was previously planned on the Samsung Unpacked event scheduled for 11th of Oct, but the event was postponed just a couple of days before the decided date. The official reason that was released by Samsung was the death of Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, since Samsung though that it would be better to postpone the release of the device out of respect for the Apple CEO. But according to some inside resources, this is not really the actual reason behind the delay and is merely a cover up. What has actually happened is that Google and Samsung need to take care of the patent war that they have gotten entangled in with Apple. The new release date of both these products is expected to be somewhere in the late October or early November but there isn’t any confirmation on the issue as yet.
According to Eldar Murtazin, who famously has inside information on several important issues of the industry, the delay was due to several problems concerning the patents of Nexus Prime and Ice Cream Sandwich. Samsung and Google want to resolve these issues before finally releasing the products in the finished form. However, this is not a confirmed news and can only be considered a speculation since there isn’t any comment from Google or Samsung on this issue. But if the issue turns out to be true, it can get quite serious. Let’s just hope that things actually turn out to be fine and we are able to see the release of Nexus Prime and Ice Cream Sandwich within a few weeks, perhaps even sooner, on 19th this month in Hong Kong.

How to unlock Google Nexus Prime

To unlock Google Nexus Prime you have to only follow the simple steps in our Help Center. You will receive the factory unlocking codes which unlock Google Nexus Prime throw email. From that point a couple of minutes and you have your Nexus Prime unlocked.

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