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New Bada Phones from Samsung

New Bada Phones from Samsung

There wasn’t any news from Samsung about its mobile operating system named Bada and it seemed that Samsung wasn’t much interested in updating this OS. But recently, resources have revealed that Samsung is planning to release three mobile devices running the updated version of this operating system. Samsung had released this operating system back in 2009 and after the release, several major firms such as Twitter, EA, Capcom, Gameloft and Blockbuster showed their support for this OS. The OS was released for the wave series smartphones from Samsung and was first used on Wave S8500. Version 1.0 of the SDK was released by Samsung in August 2010. After that, the advancement in the OS was pretty slow and it was expected that Samsung intends to give up on this OS, but with the latest news, it seems that Samsung has decided to update and improve the operating system on new lines.

According to the latest resource, Samsung might release three Bada phones running the same Bada OS in near future. However, the news is not confirmed and this only seems to be rumor as yet. The model numbers of the three phones which are expected to be released happen to be GT-S5360, GT-S7250D and the GT-S8600. Among these three models, GT-7250D seems to be already running in the Bada 2.0 SDK with the name of Wave 725. This device also had a HVGA display which is new for any Bada phone. Most of the Wave devices that have been running the OS have pretty good specifications. These phones contain a 1 GHz processor with an 800×480 resolution AMOLED display. Further, they can also record video in 720p high-definition. Over the past couple of years, these sets have competed well with some of the best handsets available in the market. Apparently now Samsung further intends to improve the operating system.

The exact version of the OS which would be running on these devices is also yet hard to predict, but it seems that one of the devices, S8600, could be the Wave III which is expected to be released in the near future. However, this is just tentative information since not much was revealed about this project and all that could be discovered was a mock-up of the Wave725. Perhaps in the next few months, situation would be clearer and we would get to know final word on this matter from Samsung.

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