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New rumors regarding Samsung Galaxy S 3 release date and technical specs

New rumors regarding Samsung Galaxy S 3 release date and technical specs

While Samsung has decided to delay the release of Galaxy S 3 phone, rumors have started surfacing about the technical specs of the device. Some information over the internet points to the resolution of the famed Galaxy S 3 which, however, is not very reliable. Nonetheless, we can take it as another unconfirmed rumor and wait for the confirmation. This information was leaked from USProf which has not proven to be a very reliable source in past, in relation to the information that it had revealed about the screen of Galaxy Nexus. Anyways, according to this leak, the screen resolution of Galaxy S 3would be 1024 x 600 along with an aspect ratio of 16:9. However, the problem that seems is that this resolution does not fit the HD capacity so we can’t really be sure whether this leak is reliable or not.

The possibility that Samsung would forgo HD on the next model of Galaxy S phone is next to nothing since screen resolution has become one of the most important technical specs in the saturated market of smart phones. Apple has already released iPhone 4S with Retina Display so it seems quite unlikely that Samsung would compromise on this spec. So while the information about the aspect ratio of 16:9 can be believed to some extent, we are not ready to believe that Samsung would showcase any display less than at least 720 p. As for the remaining technical specs of Galaxy S 3, there isn’t any confirmed news in this regard. However, certain technical specs are anticipated by the tech geeks around the world. These specs include a quad core Exynos processor, an 8 mega pixels rare end camera with 1080p HD video recording, 2 GB of RAM memory, support for LTE technology, and a Super AMOLED Plus screen. So basically we would see the very best features that we have seen on any Samsung device so far. As for the release date of this giant device, it is unknown to be precise. There were expectations that Samsung would release the device during Mobile World Congress but Samsung denied any such rumors. So the device would probably be released in March or even later. A Samsung event is scheduled to be held in March and we are expecting that if not during the MWC, Galaxy S III would be announced during that March event.

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