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Nexus Prime is in the air

Nexus Prime is in the air

Anticipation, rumors and excitement for the next major product with the colleboration of Samsung and Google named Nexus Prime is in the air these days. And just when the anticipation was at its highest point, the release of this mysterious and major device has been postponed. Initially, the release of this device was decided to be made on 11th of Oct during the Samsung Unlacked Event. But most probably due to the death of Steve Jobs, the release of the device has been postponed since Samsung did not consider it the appropriate time for release.

Other than the release of this major device, it was also expected that Google would unveil the next version of Android named Ice Cream Sandwich. Anticipation is high for this updated version of Android too, since it would be the first version of Android optimized both for smartphones and tablet devices. But just like the fans were disappointed when the release of iPhone 5 was postponed, they are disappoited after the release of Nexu Prime has been postponed. But this postponement is not for too long. Most probably, the device would be released on the Unpacked Event which has now been scheduled to be held on 27th of October. So that’s just a couple of weeks away. In the US, the phone would be released under contract with Verizon. However, most of the users prefer to buy the unlocked phones for which they might have to wait for a bit longer.

Nexus Prime certainly showcases some pretty amazing specs. It would be running on a 1.2 GHz processor with a massive onboard storage of 32 GB. We would have a 5 mega pxiels of rare end camera which would further be supported with a 1.3 mega pixels front end camera. However, complete details of the technical specifications have not been provided by Samsung and can only be known after the device is released. Due to this reason, there are disputes upon the technical specs. According to some, the phone would be running on a 1.5 GHz processor and 32 GB of storage also seems too generous. Rumors also exist about the utilization of Samsung’s own chipset with a dual-core, 1.5 Ghz processor. Linked with this rumor is the additional information that Nexu Prime would also contian a dual-core GPU from Imagination. The noteworthy fact about this CPU is that it has also been utilized in iPad 2, so if this news turns out to be right, Google Nexus Prime is certainly going to impress a lot many people. According to another reliable resource, the front facing camera present on the deivce would be 2 mega pxiels instead of 1.3 mega pixels but this is not much of a difference. There is, however, a room for improvement in the rare end camera. For the time being, according to what is known, the deivce would be containing a rare end camera of 5 mega pxiels while there are several smartphones in the market with rare end cameras of 8 mega pxiels. Further specifications of this phone include a 4.65 inch screen with an impressive screen resolution of 1280×720. On this feature, more or less, everyone agrees. Finally, the battery of the device might be somewhere between 1,750 mAh and 1850 mAh. According to some, Nexus Prime is quite similar to the line of Galaxy phones from Samsung and can be considered the equivalent of Galaxy S II LTE. Due to this reason, some people call this phone Galaxy Nexus as well. But of course, much of this information has been based purely on speculations and guesses. What actually turns out to be is still a few days ahead. Anyways, we would know about the details for sure within a few more days. Same goes for the price of the device which is still unknown. But if Samsung and Google really want to compete iPhone 5, they would have to impress people on the front of price as well.

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